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Trilogy Associates is a management consulting and business development firm that facilitates business growth and renewal through commercialization of new products.

Here you will find links to many of our email newsletters on wide-ranging topics of business, societal and personal interest. Most topics relate in some way to our consulting practice focused on medical products and the life sciences.

I hope you find these musings helpful, interesting, even controversial. And, if you conclude that any of these views was either "right on" or way off the mark, please let me know.

Joe Kalinowski

Regulatory Upset and More
Design -- of Everything -- Matters
Deep Dive or Shallow Dive?
Got Clinical Insight?
New-Product Screening & Data Science
Top 10 Innovation Killers
Got Business Wisdom?
10 Dimensions of Business Intelligence
Seeking and Screening Growth Opportunities
Another Year ... Another Challenge
Opportunity Assessment ... Sooner Not Later
Your New-Product Roadmap
Do Not Overspend on Your New-Product Strategy
The Best of Trilogy Tidings
Will Your New Product Succeed?
UX|VOC|Concept Vision
Getting New Stuff to Market: 2 Perspectives
Innovation or Cost Reduction -- Which Path Leads to Success?
Buying and Selling in Healthcare
The Future of Medtech
The Imperative: Learning From Your Customers
Make Something Happen in 2017
Innovate = Lead + Communicate
You Cannot Innovate from Your Comfort Zone
Sell Healthcare Services, Not Just Products
What Do You Really Need to Know?
Got Domain Experts?
10 Guidelines for New-Product Definition
What is Design Research?
Pricing and Platforms
Make Your R&D Count for More
Nobody Wants to Use Your Product
Consider the Innovation Triad
Do Not Overspend on Your New-Product Strategy
Another Promised "Innovation" Bites the Dust
The Power of Pre-Prototype
Who should lead your innovation process?
Look before you leap: Examine the landscape
Big Data or Genuine Insight?
10 Guidelines for New-Product Definition
Medical Market Research at Home and Abroad
Hearing the Voices of Lead Users
Know a promising new product when you see one?
The Future of Medtech
Timeless Tidings
New Medtech: Boondoggle or Breakthrough?
The Power of Collaborative Consulting
Healthcare and the Apple Mystique
Is Your New-Product Idea Worthy?
Medtech Consolidation and Pricing
Opportunities and Disruption
Doing Technology Deals
Advice and News from the Medtech Trenches
Effectively Communicate Your Product Concept, or Else
My 25th Anniversary Celebration
Landscaping Research
Rethink Your Markets and Your Business Models
Project Highlights - 2013
A Diagnostics Mystery
Do you really know your market?
Thinking Inside the Box
Clinical Insight from Physician Panels
Tapping Medical Minds Is At Risk
Disruption and Medical Ethics
Healthcare Watchwords: "Cost" and "Design"
Screen Your New-Product Ideas (or Else)
Understand Market Needs: Ask Artfully
10 Guidelines for New-Product Definition
Forget Brands, Think User Types
Who Do You Call to Assess Business Opportunities?
A POC Ecosystem and Virtual Reality
Introverts, Partnerships and FDA
Healthcare Costs and Combination Products
Back to the Future
Let Clinical Needs Be Your Guide
A Little Bit of Everything
Our 2011 Consulting Engagements
Communicating Your Vision
Killing Your New-Product Launch
China, Nukes and Business Development
R&D Spending or Innovation Culture?
Connect with Domain Experts
Stock Market Wisdom
A Radical Proposal for Drug Approvals
Medtech Highlights and Cautions
How do you innovate?
So what is the real problem?
Physician Insight and R&D Investment
Hear the Drumbeats on Cost Effectiveness
Innovation Killers
The Year Past and Years to Come
Innovating Can Become Very Expensive
The Hardest Part is Getting Started
Heed the Voice of Your Customer
Emerging Changes to the FDA 510(k) Pathway
Price-Setting and Diagnostics Patents
The Seeds and Processes of Innovation
Due Diligence and Innovation
So you think you have a platform technology?
Healthcare Blather -- What Else?
Enjoy More Success Doing Technology Deals
Trends Affecting Your Business in 2010
Your Future in Medical Device Markets
Seeing the Forest for the Trees
Get Serious About Costs and Tech Assessment
Get Better at Due Diligence
Try a New Perspective
Exploiting the Downturn for Advantage
A Little Bit of Everything
Comparative Effectiveness and Your Future
Heed the Game-Changers & IVD Economic Benefits
Soon it will be all about cost
So, what is your problem?
Stop Lamenting, Start Growing!
Healthcare Politics & New Tech for the New Year
Gaining Clinical Insight from Docs
Medical Devices & America: Not to Worry
The Demise of Medical Devices
Doing the Right Thing
Escaping Your Comfort Zone
One Account, Multiple Customers
Uncomfortable Realities and A New Office
Spring Landscaping
Liability, Doing It Wrong and Recessions
Innovation vs Invention
Assessing New Technologies
Hearing the Voices of Lead Users
Framing Your Messages
Validation, Diagnostics and Disruptive Technologies
Dimensions of Opportunity Assessment
Managing Change and Innovation
Innovation and Design Excellence
An Embarrassment of Riches
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